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Circe Project

Blood Orange!

Blood Orange!

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Length: 8.8" / 22.5 cm Width: 5.6" / 14.6 cm. 160 orange and purple pages are suitable for scrapbooks, water coloring, art journals or just taking notes for mundane lists.

The front and back covers are made with Ebru/Marbling art. As having Turkish descent, I’m using ancient Turkish marbling techniques to create unique patterns on the water.

This notebook is an ideal gift for the ones who appreciate any form of art and like hand-crafted works.

This notebook is entirely made by hand from painting to stitching. One notebook generally takes six to eight hours to make including folding papers, cutting, gluing, bounding, and stitching. Marbling is entirely another step adding to this process. Overall this notebook is a labor of love where patience is key.

This ancient craft, named Ebru by its 15th-century Turkish Practitioners means cloudy in Turkish. All my materials, papers, and paints are sustainable and eco-friendly. The papers used in my notebooks are all recycled and the paints are all vegetable and earth-based. I'm not using any aniline or acrylic paints. To obtain the finest results I'm using special paints brought from Turkiye and special marbling papers that have the right amount of absorbency to work well with the paints on the water to make the front covers of my notebooks.

There is no second chance to make the same design that is created before since many factors such as the surface tension of the water, the way you drop the paints into the water, and the emotions as performing marbling will not be the same.
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