About Circe Project!

The immortal goddess Circe was known for her magic. Specifically transformation and illusion.

My shop is named after her.

Performed for a lifetime and unique to you, creating the life you want to live is an art form. Some of the everyday magic is in the transformation along the way. In my own transformation over the last 15 years, I realized the importance of nurturing my creativity. Especially when most of life feels like it's during a 9-to-5.

The Circe Project is another side of transformation. Where single pages of paper are turned into a blank notebook. These pages are then filled by you.

But before they're in your hands, they are in mine. For the covers, I use an ancient Turkish art technique called 'Ebru.' This creates paper marbling. For the inside, I fold papers, cut cardboard and stitch them all together.

Once they're in your care, it's your turn. Writing down to-do lists, documenting travels, noting thoughts and secrets… This final transformation is up to you.